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An Insight into Buck Parties

When one has decided to tie the knot and enter into a fruitful marriage, it is important to ensure that all the activities preceding and succeeding this all important event are well planned and executed. Many people who are not married enjoy untold freedom since they can go out and hang out with friends without […]

Common Fundraising Mistakes

At times a person might be having a creative fundraising idea, but the fundraising campaign ends up failing miserably. At such a time the person is left at pains trying to explain what went wrong. At times even the most brilliant and creative idea might fail. This might be due to a number of reasons. […]


You know you have made it when a big music company agrees to get you into a studio and start recording your tunes, this may be the first time you come across all the studio equipment. What with the excitement, the nerves and trying not to wet yourself it may all be a blur to […]