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Your child is turning five and now it’s a great time for celebration. In fact, you must be planning for a huge and grand celebration. Your kid has started to go for schooling and therefore you need to invite all of his/her new friends.
Having a birthday party is quite a great budget to deal with. Therefore you need to make all the arrangements including cheapest photo booth hire without exceeding your budget. Here are some steps which will help you in having a birthday party for your kid keeping your budget intact. See this page that can provide a service that is guaranteed to add fun and excitement to your event.
Themes for the party: Depending the choice of your kid, a theme is to be selected first. For baby boys you need to have boyish themes and for baby girls, choose the girlie ones. If you want to go for a casual party where everyone can have fun, a jungle safari party will be the best idea.
Dress codes for the party: Inform the parents of the kids, to get their children dressed up in sweet looking animals’ costumes. You may not believe that these children will look the cutest versions of the animals. Number of sweet elephants, tortoise, rabbits, lions, tigers, frogs, bears and many other animals will turn up in your party. Some of them may dress alike, but all of them will be looking fabulous.
Don’t forget the photo booth: To capture all the moments of your kid’s birthday and also for maintaining your budget, cheapest photo booth hire will be the best option ever.
Arrange jungle games: For having fun in the safari party, arrange various games related to jungle safari for your little guests. Keep quizzes and announce gifts for the winners. But don’t forget to arrange goodie bags for all of them. These goodie bags won’t take much amount of money. Add candies, balloons, stickers of animals and coloring sets in all goodie bags. They will be happy to get it.
Choose your backyard for the party venue: No need go for the party venue. A huge amount of money will be saved when you go for arrangements in your backyard. Change the look of your backyard by cleaning it properly and put the decoration on with creative ideas. It will look more beautiful than any hired party venue. You can add the amount in the food items for the party.
Fun cakes for the party: In a Jungle safari party, select a cake based on forest. You can prepare the cake at home with proper skill. Arrange cakes of different shape of animals and also cookies for the guests of your party.