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There are many music compositions available across the internet to be used by those in need and those that have an interest for it. Whether it is for a YouTube video or a film, compositions could be obtained either by paying an amount as a licensing fee to adhere to copyrights or using those that are available for free and giving due credit to the composer. And so, this way you can easily earn a revenue as well. However, encouraging persons to actually use your compositions is sort of a hard task to achieve in ease, but could be done if you follow the below mentioned ways.

“Use me”

Let people know that they CAN use your tunes in videos, films and whatnot. This way you can establish a solid fan base that will always have your back. At the beginning, you could try to kick start your career by offering your compositions for free by simply requesting a credit to be given. Or you could start your music composing career once for all by signing up for music licensing and requesting a pay to be made while using your music. Use other social media platforms as well, to promote your work. This way securing a solid base of customers becomes even much easier than before.

Creating the fun

Adding the fun touch and challenges, are the perfect ways to grab attention to your videos. Challenge your fans to have a lip syncing battle with their friends for one of their favorite videos from those available. Incorporate other challenges as well, for your music for videos, and have merchandise giveaways as well. After all, no one would want to back away from a challenge! Promote your challenge across the many social media sites you own, to gain even more popularity and hype about your music. And when this is posted on YouTube and earns many views in no time, you would be able to earn quite the amount from it, with all the hype it gets.

Make it all available

Most us love free things, and so we sign up for many trials offered by different sites and apps. It could be for a course, a game or even something as simple as an Evernote app. But having to pay for the premiums is a huge put off for any client. And so, they lose the interest developed on the said site or app after the trial period is over. So as a business person you need to identify this and try to look for a solution that works best on the client’s side. As a composer making your tunes freely available on YouTube is the best way to hold on to a good fan base that is interested in your works. But as the charges add in, the interest is lost. So instead of holding back on certain things you post, try to make sure all our compositions are available for your young fan base to use, and may be find a different way of earning. But then again, as the views on YouTube increase the amount you earn sky rockets too… and so it’s a win win at the end of the day! Consider the above and promote your compositions with much less effort than before!