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Being given the duty of planning your office trip is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you will be given free rein on deciding the location and the activities for the trip so you will not be forced to go to a place you are not very interested in and to take part in boring activities that you are not interested in on the other hand, you will now have to find a right place that you can take the office on a given limited budget and you will have the big burden of planning the trip yourself. 

Look for creative ways to save money

You have no doubt been given a very tight budget for the trip and you will have difficulty trying to organize something within the budget given. Social venues Melbourne and hotels cost a lot of money and you will no doubt not have enough money on hand to be able to afford them and therefore, you will need to look at other options for accommodation. One thing you could do is look for a big house that is for rent on short term basis. This way, you could hire the entire house for a day or two and it would still cost you a lot less than it would to hire rooms at a guest house or a hotel. Room sharing will also serve as a bonding activity in itself because your colleagues will get to know each other on a non-official level.

Hiring a house will also mean that you will have a lot of privacy to have fun and for your team building activities, privacy that you will not have at a big hotel surrounded by staff and other guests. When selecting your activities, you should first try to identify the key needs in the organization or in other words, list out the problems that have been identified in the team that you can then try to rectify through these activities.

One of the other benefits of this of course is that you will not have to pay big money for each individual meal like at a hotel but you will be able to your own meals instead. You can even choose to use the cooking of meals for the group as an activity in itself by dividing the entire group in to teams that can be responsible for individual meals for the group. This will help the teams bond together and cooking together can also bring out the best in people.