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If you are lucky enough to have the money to be able to afford a home automation system you are probably wondering what the best home automation systems are for your home. I mean, why spare any expense when it comes to your ease and comfort?So what you want to look for is the best home automation technology that you can afford that is also within your budget. Also Check Out Home theater System Design for more of the products and services they can provide you.  

Here is a list of some of the best home automation systems around that money can buy.

AMX technology is generally only found in bespoke homes as it is a high end home automation system that costs a lot of money. What does it do for the money you spend? It uses its advanced technology to provide an exceptional home automation system that controls and manages every aspect of your home.
How much does it cost? This home automation technology can be hard to estimate just over the phone and you will need someone to come out and size up the job before you get a quote, but still do not be expecting to pay any less than $8000.

WeMo is a home automation system by Belkin and offers what is known in the industry as a ‘plug and play’ remote controller that controls your home automation system wirelessly. The WeMo also allows you to control your home automation system from inside and outside the app through a free application which allows your system to be triggered through text messages and emails if you don’t have the app close by. This system is a little cheaper than the AMX due to the technology not being as advanced and being designed for less bespoke homes.

Comfort technology is one of the most advanced home automation systems around. Designed by Cytech, its main strength is that it can ‘communicate’ with other home automation systems in the home through a UCM board and turn on the lights or open the garage door for you without you even having to give the command. For example, if the Comfort home automation system detects movement in your home then it integrates with the lighting technology to turn it on as it recognises someone is in the house. The perfect IRobot style home automation system! 

The newcomer to home automation, Control4 is mid-range home automation system that is all encompassing in its goals. It tries to automate lighting, music, video, security and energy throughout the house to make it as simple and easy to use as possible, whilst also saving you money by cutting down on the energy used in the home when you are not there. For example, turning the air conditioning unit off during the summer when nobody is home or the central heating in the winter. The advantage of knowing more of the best home automation system that suits your home and your needs.